Day Care Programs

Are the teachers certified?
All lead teachers have the 20 Hours Stars Basic training, and must continue 10 Star Hours each year after. Every teacher is CPR/1st Aid certified and has completed the Blood Bourne Pathogen Class. We also continue to provide on-site training to our staff on a monthly basis.
Do you serve meals?
Yes! We serve breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Please see our General Policies page for more information.
Do you have any openings?
It always depends on the age of your child on availability. Contact the office for more information.
What ages do you accept?
4 weeks through 12 years
Do you accept drop-ins?
Only with our school age children. The infants, wobbler/todder and preschool children have a minimum commitment of 15 days per month.
What schools do you transport to?
All Longview Public Elementary Schools and Catlin Elementary in Kelso.
Do you accept DSHS?
Yes. We must have contact from a caseworker before childcare can be provided.
What does my child need on the first day?
Infant Room: 2 bottles with lids, blanket, disposable diapers, change of clothes, and baby food if he/she is ready. Formula/Breast Milk, and a binkie if he/she likes one.

Wobbler/Toddler: Disposable diapers, blanket, and change of clothes.

Preschool: Blanket & change of clothes
When is my child to sick to come to school?
See Health Policy
What activities are offered for my child?
See Programs
How flexible are your drop-off and pick up times?
You may pick up your child at anytime during the day. If your child is in the wobbler/todder and preschool department he/she must be dropped off by 10:30a.m. Infants and school age children may be dropped off at anytime during the day.
What are your teacher child ratios?
Infant 1:4
Wobbler/Todder 1:7
Preschool 1:10
School Age 1:15