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Faith Family Christian Center
Confidentiality Policy

Our goal is to strive for excellence in the delivery of clinical service to your child and family.

This includes a commitment to the confidentiality of our services. We do not reveal information concerning your case to anyone outside our clinical team without your written authorization.

In treating your child, it is likely that some information may need to be revealed to, and obtained from, outside agencies (i.e., physicians, schools, referral sources) in order to adequately treat your child. We will communicate with outside persons only with your written permission.

Limits to Confidentiality

There are three circumstances in which there is an ethical and legal obligation to breach confidentiality. These three circumstances include:

Child Abuse

We are mandated reporters of past or present child abuse. This includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect. There is no statute of limitation on child abuse reporting. We are dedicated to the welfare of your child. If a report of abuse is needed, we will make you aware of this and discuss any concerns you may have.

Threats of Suicide

If an individual makes statements that suggests the individual is suicidal, then we must communicate that information to appropriate family members and possibly to the appropriate mental health support organizations. This would be true for children or other family members.

Danger to Others

The professionals of this center have a concern for the welfare of society. If we believe that someone is in danger of being hurt, we will take steps to inform that person and, if necessary, others to ensure that person's safety.